Francis is a supporter of the "World Economic Forum"

On 17 January Francis sent a letter of homage to Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum, which is currently meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

He sees the aim of the meeting of oligarchs and regime leaders as exploring "ways to build a better world" [without Christ]. The message talks a lot about war, hunger and poverty.

Francis speaks of a "process of globalisation". He even ascribes to this "globalisation" a moral dimension that must be felt in the economic, cultural, political and religious discussions "that aim to shape the future of the international community". Inter-governmental structures should "control" individual states.

He dreams of a one-world government and of an "international political action which, through the adoption of coordinated measures, can effectively pursue the goals of global peace and authentic development". sent a journalist, Mario Galgano, especially to Davos, probably to flatter Francis.