Honoring the Child Jesus brings great graces

Devotion to the Child Jesus is dying out more and more each day. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.  Children of God, the Redeemer, in order to become Man, was first a Child and a Child who was cared for and held in the arms of His Most Holy Mother and His holy father Joseph. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

But less and less do you honor the Son of God under His aspect of Child, and this should not be so, because Christ the Redeemer should be honored in all His mysteries, in His infancy, in His public life, in His most cruel Passion and in His Resurrection. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

Whoever honors the Redeemer in His infant aspect will obtain great graces, inasmuch as to love and honor Him in His Holy Infancy is something that pleases Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, Children of God, go to Jesus in his Infant aspect and teach your little ones to pray to him, kiss him and sing songs to him. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

In the points of the Catholic faith, no mystery should be belittled, much less suppressed, and the Child Jesus should be honored all year round and not only at Christmas.

Whoever honors the Child Jesus also honors the Holy Family, since Saint Joseph was His adoptive father and the Blessed Virgin His biological Mother, and whoever honors the Child Jesus honors Them because they accept them as His parents. And what parent is not happy that they love their child? It is the same for them, whoever honors His Divine Son, honors Them also. I, the Spirit of God, speak to you, and instruct you

Yo, Jesús os hablo