How Francis Fooled Cardinal Ambongo

Cardinal Ambongo of Kinshasa, President of the Bishops' Conferences of Africa, recounts step by step how the African rejection of the blasphemous homosex "blessing" was managed, reports in an 
audio interview.

The homosexual propaganda piece Fiducia Supplicans “caused a shock wave in Africa,” Cardinal Ambongo said. Even other Christian denominations called him: “We are counting on the Catholic Church to oppose this ideology. Now, you are the first to allow the blessing of homosexual concubines.”

The Cardinal collected statements from all the African bishops’ conferences and summarised them. He then flew to Rome for three days to meet with Francis.

He shared his concerns with a secretary of Francis and then was received by Francis the same day.

Obviously, Ambongo was taken in by Francis’ manipulations. A naive Ambongo recalls: “Francis was very sad (sic). I must say that he was the first to suffer from all the reactions that came from all over the world. He suffers for it because he is a human being. It doesn't make him happy.”

Ambongo then reached an agreement with Francis: “I told him that the solution to this problem is no longer to send us documents with theological or philosophical definitions of blessings. People aren't interested in that.” He asked Francis for a statement “that would calm the minds of the faithful”.

Francis then called the unfortunate Tucho Fernández. The next day, Cardinal Ambongo and Tucho sat down with a typist at the Dicastery for the Destruction of the Faith. Together, Tucho and Cardinal Ambongo prepared a document against Tucho's “Sodoma Supplicans”.

While they were typing, they kept calling Francis and asked him if he agreed with the wording. The document was signed by both, Ambongo and Tucho. It is entitled: "No to the blessing of homosexual couples in Catholic Churches" (sic).