Mary teaches the secret of true happiness —L Piccarreta

August 21, 1901 – The Celestial Mama teaches the secret of true happiness.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself. After going round and round in search of Jesus, I found the Queen Mama instead, and oppressed and tired as I was, I said to Her: ‘My most sweet Mama, I lost the way to find Jesus; I don’t know where else to go, nor what to do in order to find Him again.’

While saying this, I was crying, and She said to me: “My daughter, follow Me and you will find the way, and Jesus. Even more, I want to teach you the secret of how you can always be with Jesus, and live always content and happy, even on this earth: fix in your interior that there is only Jesus and you in the world, and no one else; and that Him alone must you please, satisfy and love, and from Him alone must you expect to be loved in return and contented in everything. 

If you are in this way with Jesus, you will no longer be affected, whether you are surrounded by scorns or praises, by relatives or strangers, by friends or enemies. Jesus alone will be all your contentment, and Jesus alone will be enough for you in the place of all. My daughter, until everything that exists down here disappears completely in the soul, one cannot find true and perpetual contentment.”

Now, while She was saying this, Jesus came into our midst as though from within a flash. I took Him and brought Him with me, and I found myself inside myself.

Book of Heaven, vol 4