Medium recommends stealing consecrated hosts --Peru

The Youtube channel Mujeres de la PM, hosted by actresses Katia Condos, Rebeca Escribens, Almendra Gomelsky and Gianella Neyra, is in the middle of controversy due to an interview with Erica Serrano, psychic and medium, who suggested using hosts in esoteric rituals in order to ward off witchcraft, toxic people and addictions.

Last December 27, 2023, Mujeres de la PM published a video titled "Rituales para empezar bien el 2024″, where the guest advised users to go to church and keep the consecrated host instead of eating it and then use it in an esoteric ritual.

"You have to have a picture of the person, you dip it in holy water, you pray to him and you go to the church. You ask for the host and if they don't give it to you in your hand, well, you take it out (of your mouth). Try not to do it on Sunday, but on Saturday because on Sunday you have to receive what you have to receive. This is a sacrifice... In spite of everything, you are making a sacrifice of the anger you may have," the psychic and medium pointed out.

Erica Serrano went on to recommend her unusual tutorial, mainly to mothers with children who suffer from drug addictions: "That holy water will make him put on a shell and not see you, the host is your sacrifice (...) This will also purify him, it will protect him. But they have to wait for the photo to disappear, they let it (the photo) rest with the host and the holy water."

Women of the PM make a radical decision
Due to the multiple criticisms received from the Catholic community, Mujeres de la PM decided to remove the fragment where Erica Serrano invites users to use a consecrated host to perform an esoteric ritual. It also apologized to those who felt offended with the published content.

"We have received comments from the last episode of the 2023 video podcast and we have decided to remove the part that offended those who profess the Catholic religion. We are sorry to have hurt susceptibilities and we hope you always have fun with our content and have a good time," reads their statement.

-Peru: Bishops Warn Against Woman Who Recommends Sacrileges

The president of the Peruvian bishops' conference, Archbishop Miguel Cabrejos, has warned against the alleged visionary Erica Serrano (, 9 January).

Serrano recommended that churchgoers take a consecrated host home from a Eucharist and immerse it in holy water along with a photograph of a person to pray for that person.

Archbishop Cabrejos calls Serrano's advice a deplorable and reprehensible incitement to sacrilege by using the Blessed Sacrament in superstitious rituals that contradict the "experience of faith" (sic) and the "commitment to Christian life".