The crisis in My Son’s Church

September 19, 2023  Our Lady of La Salette

St. Rosalie’s Campus, Hampton Bays, New York

I come to you today as Our Lady of La Salette just as I came to the children of La Salette – Melanie and Maximin – on September 19, 1846, which happens to be 100 years prior to your birth on September 19, 1946, which is precisely why you have been chosen to continue the Messages of La Salette today – just as you were chosen before to warn your brothers and sisters, particularly of the crisis in My Son’s Church. 

I come to you with sadness today and full of tears for the future of humanity because the messages of 1846 foretold of the crisis that existed in My Son’s Church which has become more fully manifest now in these End Times. My messages to the faithful were ignored then, particularly by the priests and bishops who were living in denial. I speak of these priests as ‘cesspools of impurity’ for the actions of these priests tainted my Son’s Church then just as they do now.

My messages of warning to the bishops and priests in 1846 fell on deaf ears because many of the clergy then had become overwhelmed by the spirit of lucifer, and they lost their direction in the mission in their lives that was originally the inspiration of the Father in Heaven. Now, the Church has reached a crescendo in this crisis of the priesthood, for as I predicted, we are now in the End Times when a schism would take place in My Son’s Church that would require the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to restore the sanctity of the Church as it was intended by the Father as a source of spiritual nourishment for all the sons and daughters of the Father.

Now it is apparent to many of you, especially those of you who have remained with the traditional values of the Church that the leaders of the Church have fallen upon the wayside in administering to God’s children. This has happened as I had predicted because the evil one has succeeded in overwhelming so many of My Son’s ordained ministers that now in these times the hierarchy of My Son’s Church has been taken over by both ruthless and clueless minions of the evil one who is hellbent on destroying My Son’s Church.

It is with great sadness that I must report to you that the Pontiff in these End Times has fallen-in with the side of darkness and is leading the Church into a dark period during these End Times. For too many years now, the Vatican has been infiltrated by satan’s minions who have managed to gain control over many priests, bishops, and cardinals, particularly under the misguidance of the current Pontiff who has lost his way in his journey with the Lord. 

Let it be said that the difference between good and evil in these End Times has become quite clear to the true followers and believers in the mission of My Son as your Saviour. On the evil side are the proponents of globalism who are the luciferian architects of the evil one’s plan to destroy the world. Anyone who associates themselves with the self-proclaimed Globalists, the Elitists, and the proponents of the New World Order, must fully recognize that they are doing the work of the evil one and are not on the side of all of the good that remains in this world.

No one stands out more visibly in their embrace of the New World Order than the current Pontiff who has associated himself for years now with the luciferian architects of the New World Order. Pray for this Pontiff, for he is leading the followers of My Son’s Church astray, and he is putting his own soul in jeopardy, if he does not soon change his ways, for the time is short when all of you, My brothers and sisters, will be called to account before My Son Jesus for the way that you have spent your time here on Earth.

The souls of all the priests, bishops, and cardinals who are following the New World Order lead of the Pontiff are now in jeopardy of eternal damnation. Already much damage to My Son’s Church has been created by their actions in the past. But now the Pontiff is calling for a synod to further implement changes to My Son’s Church that are an affront to My Son Jesus as well as to the Father in Heaven and Creator of all that there is. You must pray between now and this soon-to-be-held synod that the Pontiff and these priests, bishops, and cardinals dissolve the scales in their eyes and dismiss the control that the evil one has over their consciences.

Woe to them who continue to persist in putting aside the traditions of My Son’s Church and implementing these new woke proposals that are intended to diminish the traditions of My Son’s Church to the point that it is no longer recognizable and has been morphed into the One World Religion of the New World Order under the rule of satan, himself. 

Let it be said here and now that the Pontiff, the cardinals, the bishops, and priests have been warned! Cease and desist from the attempts to diminish and destroy the Church of My Son, for you are only doing the work of the evil one, whose allegiance can only assure eternal damnation.

Now the true followers of My Son Jesus and the Heavenly Father are being called upon to be the true Stewards of My Son’s Church. The true Stewards of My Son’s Church are being blessed with The Warning: Each and every one of you will be given The Warning and be called upon to account to Your Lord and Saviour for your actions here on Earth. 

Many of you will then see more clearly that you have either been following Your Lord and Saviour in your mission in life or you have been deceived or have willingly turned over your allegiance to the evil one. In either event, you will be given the opportunity to amend your future life to either commit to Your Lord and Saviour or contribute to your own destruction and eternal suffering by glazing over your conscience while continuing to submit to the seductions and lies of the evil one.

Once again, pray for the Pontiff, the Cardinals, the Bishops, and the Priests who have been led astray. Their salvation may only be achieved by the prayers of Powerful Prayer Warriors who will assist My Son, Jesus Christ in transforming the darkness of this Earth into the Light of the Father in Heaven as the true Stewards of My Son’s Church. 

You must remain vigilant and strong and purposeful and resistant to anything and everything that goes against The Light of the World, for you are called to be The Light of the World.

So be it! Thanks be to God!