The gates of the New Age are opened —Carbonia

Carbonia 07.01.2024

Place your heart on my Most Sacred Heart and you will see the wonders of God in you.

Mary Most Holy, Virgin Spouse of the Holy Spirit, announce her imminent arrival in the homes of her children!

It is the hour of redemption!

Everything is ready for the final challenge!

Satan seizes men, in his seduction he puts them to the test.

Beloved children:

free yourselves from the situation of death! Repent!

Your God awaits your conversion, your return to Him?

In His Immensity you will enter to enjoy His All.

Therefore, I invite you to the transformation of your heart, to be ready for the battle.

Take refuge... by returning to Jesus: choose Him, your Shield and your Salvation!

Do not be afraid to return to Him.

Defend your lives, O men, choose to live and not to die.

Prepare yourselves!

The time of sorrows has begun.....

the sky is already darkening

the howling of the demons will invade the Earth;

you will hear the groaning of their teeth:

There shall be weeping and sorrow for those who are far from the Lord God.

We are at the end of the old:

the gates of the New Age are opened.

The northern lights will accompany Mary Most Holy,

Soon she will appear resplendent with light, she will open her mantle over her children!

We will celebrate together the hour of salvation!

God will descend from His Heaven to dwell among men!

The trumpets of the Angels will sound loudly:

man is invited to kneel before the King of kings, so as not to lose his life.

Embrace the holy Gospel!

Clothe yourselves with light, the God of Infinite Love is about to manifest His Glory!

Go forth, People of God!

Onward, Children of Love!

The cold winter is past,

the sweet Spring is opening before you. Amen.