The schism in My Church will be broken into different stages

20 October 2013 

My dearly beloved daughter, go, all of you, into the world and spread the gospels, for you will need to do this before the persecution of My Church begins in earnest.
You must place all your trust in me and be comforted in the knowledge that when the great day comes, you will be lifted, body and soul, into my arms, in just the blink of an eye.
This is why you must, with love and patience, remind the world of My Teachings.
Remind them that sin exists and will be forgiven, but they must ask me for forgiveness first.
No matter they are told that sin is second nature to man, they must know that, as God’s children, they must ask for reconciliation every single time, irrespective as to how insignificant their sins may seem.
Sin is what separates you from God.
The more you sin, the darker you will become; the deeper anguish you will feel and you will be so restless that nothing but my grace will ease your pain or bring you real peace.
Know that when the reign of heresy commences, that those who become involved with it will feel a terrible loneliness and wretchedness.
Yet, to the outside world, all will seem to be acceptable to the Church.
While you will struggle internally, all exterior rituals, conducted in the name of a global united Church, will make you feel uneasy.
Within six months of the heresy being introduced into My Church, many who ignored My Call, will flee and seek out those who remained true to My Holy Word.
Then my army will swell, grow and gather the remnants from all Christian Churches and fight the spirit of evil.
The schism in My Church will be broken into different stages.
The first stage will be when only those who truly know me, and understand the truth of the holy gospels, will decide that they cannot accept lies in My Name.
The second stage will come about when people are denied the holy sacraments, as they are meant to be.
The third stage will be when My Churches have been desecrated and that will be when My Sacred Servants will, at last, understand the truth contained in the Book of Revelation.
My prophets do not lie.
They do not like what they are asked to do.
They reveal only My Holy Word and what they are instructed to do by the Holy Will of My Father.
The signs that the last prophet – the only prophet given permission from Heaven today to prepare the world for the Second Coming – has come are here now.
When you understand that the prophecies, given to the world from Heaven, amount to this – to increase your faith and to ensure that you remain true to My Holy Word, then you will accept them.
When they take place, as revealed, then you will know the truth.
Be ready.
Be at peace, for I will walk with all of you who gather now to form my remnant army on Earth.
Your Jesus