Those Who Don’t Accept Homosexuality "Small Ideological Groups"

Francis has once again insisted on his abstract and artificial distinction that it is "not the homosexual union" that is blessed, but "the persons".

Speaking to the homosexual propaganda outlet La (20 January), Francis tries to convince himself that those who protest against the document "Sodoma supplicans" belong to "small ideological groups".

Realising that his ill-considered words might provoke a new uproar, Francis then hastily backtracked, calling the dioceses in Africa "a special case". "For them (sic) homosexuality is something 'ugly' from a cultural [= moral] point of view. They do not tolerate it".

Francis is dishonest as Africans have always referred to the Bible and Catholic teaching, and have rejected Francis' artificial distinctions that have no basis in reality.

Nevertheless, Francis hopes that "gradually" everyone will be reassured by "the spirit of the declaration". Having caused a global schism in the Church, he has the effrontery to say that his homosexual propaganda piece "aims to include, not to divide".

According to Francis, the text Sodoma supplicans invites us to "welcome people, and then trust them and trust God". If Francis had trusted God, who abhors homosexual sins, then he would have believed Holy Scripture instead of contradicting it with the text "Sodoma supplicans".

One wonders why Francis is so obsessed with schismatics: "In the Church, there have always been small groups that manifest reflections of a schismatic nature. It is necessary to let them continue and pass by... and look forward".

Francis was probably talking about himself. Already as superior of the Argentinean Jesuits, he left behind chaos and division.