You must contribute spiritually as much as you can

Children of My divine Heart, I desire immensely that you honor Me as much as you can because you are in one of the worst times of Humanity. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Each one must contribute what he can spiritually, for the good of the Church and of all mankind. Some will be fasting, others will be mortifications, others their sickness, others their alms, others their reparations, others their adoration, Rosaries, Stations of the Cross and all kinds of actions full of love and fervor, so that My Holy Mother may apply everything to her intentions, which are Mine, and She neither puts nor takes anything away without My saying yes. Therefore, children, in difficult times where evil is the school of these days, where evil is already being done without any regard, where the Evil One seems to be winning, let us do everything that he dislikes, which is to pray and do penance in one way or another, but do not relax and try to offer Heaven the more things the better, because all this will serve to help thousands of souls who have not even once pronounced My name. I, Jesus, speak to you.

The spiritual wealth that you produce will be for the benefit of My Mystical Body, but also many other souls will benefit from your acts, so try to live in a state of grace so that everything you do goes directly to Heaven and does not remain in mere human acts, even if they are good. My grace will not be lacking, but I must ask you to pray, pray, pray and pray, and do not stop offering sacrifices, no matter how small they may be, because in Heaven everything goes.


You are living situations of true evil where not only am I no longer recognized but they hate you for being My followers, but do not fear, they will not be able to do it with Me, because even if you are small souls and can offer Me very small and limited things, if you unite them to My merits, they will become great and divine works, they will become great and divine works, because My merits will envelop them in divine love and My Angels will bring them thus before My Heavenly Father, who is very displeased and pained by the course that this ungrateful world is taking and where ambition and vanity are for many souls idols of perdition. I, Jesus, speak to you.


Pray children, pray for your rulers and for the Hierarchy, pray that they may have light and not be lost for all eternity, although you see them evil, My grace can resurrect a dead person, much more the spiritually dead, therefore, pray also for them and let there be no bitterness in you for their way of governing and their atrocious errors.

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