A terrible sound will cause great fear in men -Carbonia

Carbonia 03-02-2024 

This world is over, there is no future

Holy Mary

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I bless you.

Abandon yourselves completely into my hands, 

be obedient to the voice of Jesus,

listen to his suggestion: BE CONVERTED!

Be united! 

Be of one heart and one soul!

Be true soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Now the time will darken and everything will happen, suddenly:

the old will pass away to give way to the new.

I am the Blessed Virgin: I am the Mother of Jesus and your Mother.

My children, listen to what I have to tell you today: it is an urgent call for this Humanity, for its conversion.

Do not go to death, my children, 

save yourselves, save your souls by returning to Jesus,

make amends quickly, my children:

confess your sins at the foot of the Cross,

beseech the mercy of God, 

beseech his grace upon you.

The noises of the world will soon unite in one sound...a terrible sound that will cause great terror upon men:

Their hearts shall be broken, many shall be broken

by their perseverance to the laws of this world they will lose their lives.

My beloved children:

return to your Creator God;

return to the One who created you 

who gave you life to be men in love and charity.

Be absolutely faithful to the Holy Gospel, sincere among yourselves, 

listen to what the Lord has to say to you every day,

especially in these last times that are drawing to a close.

Everything is about to come to an end... you are at the end of an old world, 

the gates of a new world are about to open.

Be true soldiers of Mary and Jesus.

Soon I will descend among you... in Flesh and Bone you will see me! 

I will give you the last Rules of Heaven, so that you may repent ...

and follow the one and only true Doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Be saved My children:

Be saved, 

this world is finished, there is no future, what will be left ... will be ashes

and you who remain here - because you will have rejected your God of Love - ...

you will walk in despair and hunger!

There will be nothing left my children: no water, no food, no sustenance of any kind.

God created this world so that you could live in it in the way He had indicated: in love and brotherhood, united in one "Thing" in Christ Jesus,

but you have destroyed everything, 

you have made yourselves "gods" on earth!

You took the power that God had not given you.

You were to live this world to be better... to fortify yourselves in spirit and body ..... 

 But... you have denied the goodness of God...

and have given yourselves to the enemy... to the one who crucified Jesus and hated this Humanity that still hates,

a Humanity that deludes itself into thinking that it has grace from the infernal being, but instead it will envelop everyone in its hell.

There will come the weeping and the gnashing of teeth!

You will have to go through the great tribulation! 

Jesus warned you!

Go ahead!

I fortify you with the Word of God;

I take you by the hand

and I pray with you this holy rosary.

Together with you I implore the speedy return of my Son Jesus.

May the Father give permission to the Son... to return to earth, now!

Now! ....

in this time you are living, before the Antichrist manifests himself to put an end to charity and love.

I bless you again: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.