A wide variety of people flock to Marian sanctuaries

It is with joy that we see how people of all kinds and conditions come to Our Lady's shrines and prostrate themselves at her feet. Perhaps they would not have come if they had not experienced their own or others' weakness, pain or need.

Referring to the feast we are celebrating today, Pope John Paul II wondered why so many different people flock to the grotto where the apparitions took place, and he answered: "Because they know that there, as at Cana, "the Mother of Jesus is there": and where she is, her Son cannot be absent. This is the certainty that moves the multitudes that every year pour into Lourdes in search of relief, consolation, hope (...).

"The miraculous healing, however, is, in spite of everything, an exceptional event. The saving power of Christ, obtained through the intercession of his Mother, is revealed at Lourdes above all in the spiritual realm. In the hearts of the sick he makes heard the voice of the Son who prodigiously loosens the numbness of acrimony and rebellion, and restores the eyes of the soul to see the world, others and one's own destiny in a new light ".

The Lord, to whom his Mother always leads us, loved the sick. St. Peter summarizes his life in these few words: Jesus of Nazareth... went about doing good and healing..

 The Gospels never tire of extolling the Master's mercy to those who suffered in soul or body. Much of his ministry here on earth was devoted to healing the sick and comforting the afflicted. "He was sensitive to all human suffering, both of body and soul. "8 He is compassionate and expects us to put forth the means at our disposal to bring us out of that sickness or burden; and He will never permit trials beyond our strength. At all times He will give us sufficient graces so that these painful circumstances do not separate us from Him; on the contrary, they should bring us closer and closer and help us to lead other people to a spiritual improvement of their lives. We can ask for healing or for the resolution of the problems that weigh upon us, but, above all, we must ask to be docile to grace so that in those circumstances - in those and not in others - we may know how to grow in faith, in hope and in charity.

It will alleviate our sorrows and sufferings if we do not think excessively about them, because we have left them in God's hands, nor about the future consequences of the evils we suffer, because we do not yet have the grace to bear them... and perhaps they will not come. Let each day suffice for its own zeal9. Let us not forget that "we are all called to suffer, but not all to the same degree and in the same way; each one will follow in this his call, corresponding to it generously. Suffering, which from the human point of view is so unpleasant, becomes a source of sanctification and apostolate, when we accept it with love and in union with Jesus... ", co-redeeming with Him, feeling ourselves children of God, especially in these circumstances.

Let us go to Mary in everything. She will always attend to us. She will obtain for us what we ask for, or she will obtain for us greater and more abundant graces so that from "evils we may obtain good things, and from great evils great good things. And whatever our situation, we will always experience her consolation. Consolatrix afflictorum, Salus infirmorum, Auxilium christianorum.... ora pro eis... ora pro me.

Come to the aid of our weakness, God of mercy, and grant that, remembering today the Immaculate Mother of your Son, through her intercession we may be freed from our faults

Hablar con Dios