Evolution: It's Time to Dispel This Lie

Renovatio21.com has published an interview with Roberto Bonato, who has translated into Italian Dominique Tassot's book Evolution in 100 Questions and Answers.

- Evolution was welcomed in the context of the 19th century because it provided an ideology ("struggle for survival"; "survival of the fittest") that justified colonial imperialism and helped to get rid of Christian morality.

- If the "struggle for survival" is the universal law of biological progress, then any means become licit (even inevitable) to make the superior interest of the "progress of the species" triumph.

- The ideology of evolution has been applied in various fields: English colonists against native primitives; bourgeois against illiterate workers; communist proletarians against parasitic capitalists; Germanic Aryans against other peoples.

- Marx had asked Darwin to write the preface to Capital (Darwin refused).

- The first book the Chinese Red Guards made compulsory reading in occupied villages was Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

- To this day, evolutionist propaganda ("a lump of cells") is used to justify abortion.

- Richard Dawkins has admitted that the ideology of evolution has provided the justification that atheists have been waiting for - to "get rid" of the Creator.

- Evolution is not a new theory, but an old fallacy, since the materialist Epicurus spoke of it in the 3rd century BC.

- Darwin waited for fossils to confirm his theory of "links between species" and "transitional forms": to this day they have never been found; he admitted in private correspondence that this was a major obstacle to his theory.

- All the findings always showed that the animals, even the extinct ones, appeared to be fully functional, highly developed, without 'half-wings' or 'proto-organs' etc.

- Fossils show no sign of "evolution".

- The ideology of evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics (law of entropy or Carnot's law) which says that every natural system inevitably tends towards a state of progressive disorder, whereas evolution claims that the random movement of atoms over infinite periods of time "produces order".

- Evolutionary theory is the pseudoscientific version of the myth of 'progress', which postulates that what comes 'after' is necessarily better than what was 'before'.

- The ideology of evolution is promoted by media activists, not by science.

- William Dembsky's concept of irreducible complexity shows that evolutionary theory is wrong, because all organs depend on many complex elements that would have had to evolve in parallel for millions of years, without any use, until the fateful moment when they connected (again by chance).