Love gives sanctification or damnation -Piccarreta

March 23, 1903 – If a love is holy, it forms the life of sanctification; if it is perverted, the life of damnation.

As I was in my usual state, after much struggling, for just a little I saw my adorable Jesus in my arms, and a light coming out of His forehead. Within this light these words were written: “Love is everything for God and for man; if love ceased, life would cease. However, there are two species of love: one, spiritual and divine, the other, corporal and disordered. 

There is great difference between these two loves in intensity, multiplicity, diversity. One could say that there is almost the difference which exists between the thinking of the mind and the operating of the hands: in a very short time the mind can think of a hundred things, while the hands can only perform one work.

God is the Creator, and if He creates the creatures, it is love alone that makes Him create; if He keeps all of His attributes in continuous attitude toward creatures, it is love that pushes Him to this, and His very attributes receive life from love. 

The same for a disordered love, like the love of riches, of pleasures and of many other things: these are not the things that form the life of man, but if he feel love for these things, not only do they come to form his life, but he reaches the point of making of them his own idol. So, if a love is holy, it forms the life of sanctification; if it is perverted, it forms the life of damnation.”