My ‘complete solidarity’ with farmers fighting the NWO —Viganò

(LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued a statement on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday, celebrating the efforts of European farmers who for months have been protesting against globalist policies that threaten both their livelihoods and the agricultural industry as a whole. Read the full statement below. 

The globalist criminal plan wants to destroy traditional agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing in order to force people to eat artificial food produced by multinational corporations. And it is the big investment funds and the Word Economic Forum that are lobbying parliaments to impose a devastating and inhuman “transition.”

I express my complete solidarity with and encouragement to the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, truck drivers, and all those who support them.

This is not just any protest: this is perhaps the last chance the peoples have to restore their rights and free themselves from the tyranny of a minority of criminal billionaires whom no one has elected and who claim to decide what we should think, buy, eat, and learn; what drugs we should be treated with; how and whether we can travel. And all this on the basis of lies and blackmail: there is no climate, health, or energy emergency.

The only real emergency is our betrayal by our rulers – and by the Catholic Church leadership itself – to the detriment of the entire human race. The servility of the entire political class, the media censorship, the silence of the judiciary, and the complicity of the law enforcement and armed forces in the face of this coup are scandalous.

The time has come for the peoples to courageously and firmly claim their natural and inalienable rights, which have been endangered by the WEF’s global coup d’état. The resignation of those who rule us on behalf of a subversive elite and against the people must be obtained.

Let us accompany with prayer those who are fighting against the New World Order. May the Rosary be the spiritual chain that unites us. May the Lord accompany, protect, and bless those who are waking up before it is too late.