Spanish Archbishop: “Gender Ideology Has Infiltrated The Church”

Monsignor Jesús Sanz, the Archbishop of Oviedo, Spain, spoke out against transvestite and gender propaganda to (18 February). Main points.

- Today, if you do not pay homage to gender ideology, climate propaganda and the UN Agenda 2030, you are cornered.

- Censorship and marginalisation are directed against those who can offer resistance, such as the Church.

- Today we see that states, institutions and some people are giving in to the ideology of the moment.

- When a section of the Church points out that this ideology is unlawful or false, it is not treated as an adversary, which would be understandable, but as an enemy to be condemned, ridiculed and destroyed.

- It is one thing to be prudent and another to be a coward.

- Gender propaganda has infiltrated the Church. The confusion that has to do with the understanding of male and female and the relationship between them, and with the healthy education of children - this confusion has penetrated the Church.

Picture: Jesús Sanz © wikicommons CC BY-SA#newsXopzrekmel