The time has come for God's "Enough" to this world

Carbonia 10.02.2024

I will create a new world

I will create a new world and I will place My chosen ones to enjoy new pastures: ... My All for them!

My children, beloved of your God Love,

come and enjoy Me,

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: all is contained in Me.

Love Me, your God, oh men,

seek Me in your hearts,

bend your knees before Me.

I am He Who has given you life:

Do not be deaf to My Voice;

Heaven awaits you: it longs for your conversion to embrace you in Itself.

My beloved creatures,

I am still addressing you,

I call you to true conversion:

... there is little time left for our meeting,

Repent now!

Your conversion is urgent... Now!

The storm will suddenly fall upon the world,

Those who are far from Me will suffer much.

Beloved children,

God the Father opens the New Age:

The time has come for the passage to a new and .... perfect life.

The Earth is in its next convulsions; fire will come out of its bowels!

Come back to Me, seek refuge in Me!

Only in Me will you have protection: I AM!!!!

The sun is in its last throes: it is about to burst powerful flames towards the Earth!

Do not wait to see...

turn your hearts to Me, oh men!

CONVERT YOURSELVES .... so that I may give you succor.


Pray for the soon return of Jesus to Earth.

This Humanity is lost in the illusions of the Devil!

Repent, My children. ....


do not waste any more time;

Have righteous repentance within you!!!!!

The time has come for God's "Enough" to this world of sin.

God awaits the return of His beloved Sons....

Do not delay lest you find the gates closed!

God the Father, the Almighty Yahweh.