You console Me for the indifference of so many souls

My children, when two souls come together to talk about their reciprocal love for Me, I and My Holy Mother take pleasure in the conversation they have, because it consoles Me and also gives Me glory, because praising Me gives Me glory and compensates Me for the blasphemies.

When two people, or three, or four, or a whole group speak lovingly of Me, it fills Me with consolation because of the indifference of so many souls who ignore Me and do not wish to know anything about Me. I, Jesus, speak to you.

And just as when two or more souls speak against Me and criticize Me, attack Me or call Me into question, My mortal enemy enjoys and rejoices in it, because of his hatred for Me, which he would like the souls also to have, when the souls speak with love for Me, it angers My mortal enemy and irritates him to see that I am loved and esteemed by them. I, Jesus, speak to you.

My children, when souls speak of Me to glorify Me, to manifest their love for Me, that conversation reaches My Throne and I generously apply it to other souls as beneficial rain so that they may soak dry hearts that give Me nothing. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Because children, I keep nothing of what you give Me, I apply it all to other souls in need of graces and dry for lack of prayer, sacraments and penance

So My children, it pleases Me greatly those conversations that praise Me, that praise Me and that are testimonies and personal experiences of each one in particular. And at the same time those who listen to these conversations are edified by seeing what I, the Word of God, produce in the soul that treats Me assiduously and allows itself to be guided by Me. I, Jesus, speak to you.

My peace be with all of you and with everyone who reads these messages and puts them into practice.

Yo, Jesús, os hablo