You will have a time of darkness

Carbonia 27.04.2024

You will have a time of darkness, my children.

Most Holy Mary:

In the world there is so much misery, so much evil, my children, so much evil. Heaven suffers today the blow. Jesus is still crucified, his weeping is infinite. Man does not give in to sin, rather he mixes more and more with Satan.

The voice of God the Father is in the Universe, but man does not listen, he pretends not to hear, he remains undaunted in his wickedness.

The battle is about to break out, my children. You have entered the hour, the climax of the battle. All will suddenly be unleashed and the Father's cry for justice will be great. Man will have to bow his knees before Him and acknowledge Him as the one true God.

My dear children, thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for having come so far. Today Jesus smiles at you from the top of His Heaven and embraces you all to Himself. Put on the white robe, my children, for soon you will have a meeting with Him.

The sun is about to manifest its fiery fury upon the earth. You will have a time of darkness, my children, a darkness caused by a blackout. You will be allowed to return to the candles.

Pray, my children, at that time, pray, not only because you will no longer have the light of the sun, but pray also for the salvation of many souls.

Everything will pass away in this world, but eternal life awaits you in the eternal happiness of Love.

Come, I embrace you to Me, I hold you close to My breast and I join My hands to yours. I bring you with Me to the Holy Altar of Our Lord Jesus Christ where He awaits you to deposit you in His House, with Him forever.

Come, let us pray this Holy Rosary, let us pray it with the heart, let us pray it with feeling. The time has come and you know it. Everything is about to be unleashed in the fury of nature and God the Father allows it because of the sin of men.