Australia: Bishops Approve an Aboriginal Eucharist


Australia's Bishops have approved a liturgy that includes elements of Aboriginal language and culture.

A motion was passed at the plenary meeting of the Australian Bishops' Conference in Sydney on Tuesday. It is called the "Mass of the Land of the Holy Spirit - Missa Terrae Spiritus Sancti".

The rite will now be submitted to the Dicastery for Divine Worship for official approval by the Vatican, which approves everything that is not Catholic.

The Eucharist has been used in the Diocese of Broome for over 50 years with very mediocre results. It is presided over in several local languages, and was approved in 1973 as a 'culturally adapted' liturgy 'ad experimentum' [that is, for ever].

A local Aboriginal Council described the rite as "a distinctive Mass that beautifully blends Catholic tradition with Aboriginal culture to create a unique celebration of faith [in what?] that has served the diocese for over five decades".

"It symbolises a bridge that connects our spiritual beliefs with the ancestral wisdom of the original custodians of the land".

"It is a tangible expression of the Church's commitment to recognising and valuing the spiritual [!] and cultural dimensions of the lives of indigenous peoples".

Picture: Screenshot, Catholic Youth Apostolate, #newsUshdqvjllw