Beware of what they say to you in the confessional


The faithful Christians must have eyes and ears to know how to discern the true doctrine of Christ from that which is not. I, the Holy Spirit, speak to you. Children of God, there are many errors and contamination that some priests are introducing in homilies, in courses, in talks and so on, and you must be alert, because although some do not do it in bad faith, they drag their error and transmit it to other souls and these can be eternally lost if they put into practice the things they say and which are totally opposed to the Gospel of Christ. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.
Beware children of God, because the darkness has reached many souls, including priests and even bishops, and they are transmitting doctrines opposed to that of Jesus Christ, and not because they are ecclesiastical authorities you must believe them, because they are already saying that the Eucharist is a symbol and that Jesus Christ is not really present there.
Beware children of God! these errors are of eternal death and can lose you forever. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.
Go to confession to priests whose life is of the usual traditions, and be alert to what they tell you in the confessionals, because there are priests who do not value the religious life, much less the contemplative life, and the souls who approach them can be led along paths totally opposed to the will of God.
Today is the day of your Guardian Angels, all of you have a Guardian Angel, you all have a Guardian Angel and you should invoke them often because they are there to guide you and help you daily in your lives. Do not ignore them and ask them for help, they fulfill God's will when they help you and guide you on the paths of salvation. Pray to them and ask for their intercession in problems or painful situations that you suffer, you will see how their help will be noticed. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.
Also invoke Me, Spirit of wisdom, and do not allow yourselves to be dragged by what is easy, what is easy, because the doctrine of Christ is unalterable, it does not change with the times, it does not change with the fashions and if they tell you something that is not in the Gospel, do not accept it, pray for those who instruct you so erroneously so that they may reach My light. I, Spirit of God, Spirit of wisdom speak to you and instruct you. The peace of the Holy Trinity be with you always.