Communion with the Hand - But Not for the Dog


An altar server at San Dominic Savio Parish, Archdiocese of Bogotá, Colombia, observed in April during Communion that a woman was taking the host with her hands, bringing it back to the pews and sharing it with her pet which was with her in the church.

At least the dog didn't take the communion with his paw. In his sermon on 28 April (video below), the parish priest, Reverend Laureano Barón, called it a "sacrilege" and urged the anonymous woman to go to confession with the bishop, who alone can absolve this "grave" sin in confession.

Rev. Barón has nothing against it when the faithful take communion with their hand, but they should put it into their mouth in front of the priest. He also mentioned a mother who took a piece of her host and gave it to her little boy, who had asked for it "to know what it tastes like". Strangely, the priest is surprised: "It seems that we do not understand that we are facing the greatest miracle in the world".

But then, Barón himself distributes communion in the hand of the faithful although he sees and knows that particles of the hosts fall to the ground and are trampled by him and by others. It's impossible to have both: One either chooses communion in the hand or one chooses respect for the Blessed Sacrament.