Francis Calls Papacy "Controversial and Divisive"


On May 2, Francis received the leading representatives of the Anglican Communion including its president, Justin Welby, the lay archbishop of Canterbury.

Francis recalled the “many occasions” he has received his “dear brother Justin” and that they have commissioned a number of Catholic and Anglican bishops to serve together.
“We must not be afraid of disagreements, but embrace them, leaving the primacy [of the pope] to the Paraclete.”

And, “It is a gift for me to feel close to the [heretical] communities that you represent. I am aware that the role of the Bishop of Rome is still a controversial and divisive issue among Christians.”
Francis wishes for a dialogue on this subject that "leaves behind useless controversies" in order to understand “how the Petrine ministry can be developed as a service of love for all.”

Picture: © Vatican Media, #newsCyzibstgkf