Germany: Day of Deaconesses With Clown Dance


A female clown danced in front of the Eucharistic table in the cathedral of Speyer, Germany, to celebrate or caricature a "Day of the Deaconess". The show was officially described as a "divine service".

The Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St Stephen in Speyer dates from the 11th century and is the world's largest surviving Romanesque church and building.

The clown show was led by six women and a female clown and was organised by [former] Catholic associations in Germany, several [former] Catholic women's associations and the Central Committee of German "Catholics" (ZdK), a powerful lay body and leading promoter of decadence in the German Church.

The focus of the show was to push for [invalidly ordained] deaconesses. A 'Day of the Deaconess' has been celebrated by German dioceses since 1998.