How each word of Jesus is a link of grace


November 24, 1903 – How each word of Jesus is a link of grace.

Continuing in my usual state, I saw blessed Jesus in my interior for just a little; and as if He wanted to continue removing doubts from me, 


He told me: “Daughter, I am the truth itself, and falsehood can never come from Me. At the most, it is something that man does not comprehend; and I do this to show that if one does not comprehend His word well, how can he comprehend the Creator in everything?

However, the soul must correspond by putting my word into practice. In fact, my words are many links of grace that come out of Me, and are given to the creature as gift. 

If she corresponds, she connects these links to the others which she has already acquired; but if she does not, she sends them back to her Creator. Not only this, but I speak only when I see that the creature has the capacity to receive that gift,
and corresponding to Me, she acquires not only many links of grace, but also many links of divine wisdom; and if I see them linked with correspondence, she disposes Me to give her yet more gifts. But if I see that my gifts are sent back, I
withdraw, keeping silent. 


L Piccarreta