If they refuse to accept heresies they will be expelled from the churches

(...) The anger of My Father will increase, the more his ungrateful children rise in defiance of his almighty Covenant.
Those who prepare for my Second Coming will be barricaded into a prison of sorts, when they will be forced to swallow lies.

Should they refuse to accept the heresies, which will be forced down their throats, they will be cast out of their Churches.
My Word will soon be forgotten.

Everything, which I warned you about, will occur exactly as I have told you.
Those who are blind to the truth would rather live a lie, because it will be easier to accept lies, as they will be very appealing in the way in which they will be presented to them.
Heresy will be presented to the Masses as part of a new constitution in My Church, which has nothing to do with me.
All will clamour to accept this, for they did not remain alert to the times, which they were warned about, concerning the lead up to the great day.

Now you must prepare for this day.
You must walk away when my Divinity is challenged, as it will be in many ways, within My Church on Earth.
Engage with my enemies and you will not win.
Ignore them.

Pray for their souls and prepare your own, for soon it will all be over.

Your Jesus