NCR embraces heresy of female ordination


In a shocking break from their editorial policy, the National Catholic Reporter — a Catholic newspaper formerly owned by the Legionaries of Christ, but now by EWTN, the TV channel founded by the saintly Mother Angelica — has run an article praising the ordination of the first woman deacon by Archbishop Seraphim, a bishop of the Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria (an ecclesiastical entity of the Greek Orthodox Church).

The Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria has been criticized repeatedly by other Orthodox Churches since 2016, when it announced its intention “to restore” the deaconate for women. That they took 8 years to actually “ordain” a woman shows how strong the opposition was. But even among the Orthodox, the theologians agree with the Catholic Church that women cannot be ordained members of the clergy, despite whatever words be used in the ceremony to make it appear otherwise.

The St. Pheobe Center for Deaconesses is clearly — cited in the article above as the source of its news — from their own language involved in a Marxist re-write of the Orthodox Church’s theology on ordination, for they say they want something that will cause confusion, but do not want to affirm that woman are really being ordained deacons, since that is theologically impossible. This is the exact same logic as the modernist change-theology-through-chainging-practice.

The reasons woman cannot be ordained in the Catholic Church are profound and touch upon the very essence of the Christian religion, as the one true religion revealed by God and established by the Eternal Son of the Eternal Father: the ministerial service of the Deaconate and Priesthood are sacramental manifestations (impressed upon the souls of the clergy by supernatural characters) of the Divine Dignity and Mission of the only-begotten Eternal Son of the Eternal Father, by which when serving in their sacred functions, whether during liturgy or outside of liturgy, all their actions which accord with the Great Mandate given by Our Lord on the first Ascension Thursday are accepted by the Eternal Father for their imprecatory value, since in them He sees His own Son’s perfect and most acceptable service in fulfillment of the Mission He entrusted to Him in His Incarnation as Man. Thus, there is no possibility of manufacturing any sort of sacramental mark or status by which a woman could be raised to the level of being seen by the Eternal Father as representing His Eternal Son, as the discord of female with male would require the Eternal Father to disregard the masculinity of His Eternal Son as part of that identity.


That is why the Catholic Church automatically excommunicates any woman who claims to be ordained to anything, since such an action automatically by its very nature signifies and communicates that the clergy who participate and the woman who step forward, as well as all who attend the ceremony and consent to it, have completely apostatized from the Christian religion and are involved in a Satanic mockery of the same.