Society is Saturated With Secret Satanists

The reason Western society is going down the toilet 
is that most institutions and major corporations 
are secretly controlled by people who are upstanding citizens by day and, incredibly, child-raping and blood-drinking Satanists by night. 
In the US, 460,000 children go missing every year.

Practically everyone prominent in public life is a Satanist.
MK Ultra survivors claim to have had sex with the following:
JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Prince Philip,
King Charles, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr.
Nelson Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Gerard Depardieu, Margaret Thatcher, Ton Cruise, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth. You could add half of Hollywood celebrities to this list.

While I tend to focus on the Rothschild central banking cartel and its minions, clearly there is a highly organized parallel structure that carries out their agenda. 

by Henry Makow PhD

In "An Illuminati Primer,"  Veronica Swift has compiled the revelations of Illuminati insiders who became whistle-blowers. The picture that emerges is that the Illuminati is a far larger and more well-organized enterprise than we imagine. It could have as many as five million members in the US alone. 

And while the Jewish central banking cartel is the source of its power, it extends far beyond Satanist Jews to include (the infiltrated part of) the Catholic Church, Mormons, and even the Amish. One whistleblower, Jessie Czebotar estimates that 60% of the residents of Chicago were in "the Brotherhood." including celebrities, teachers, social workers, police, judges, government, military, attorneys, pastors, and school administrators. (p.41) 

Extrapolate this over all professions and it's easy to see how they could pull off a genocidal scam like the COVID-19 "vaccine." It's easy to see how they could murder Apotex Pharma-owner Barry Sherman and his wife for not playing the game, and get away with it. Or impose absurd gender-bending policies on employees and customers

"There doesn't seem to be a profession that hasn't been staffed with a few infiltrators placed there by the System...their goal and hope is to take control of the entire world by secretly taking it over from within our systems. They can direct world affairs all the way down to the local level without anybody knowing ... if nobody knows who they are, and what their ulterior motives are." (41) 

"The genius of it is that only a small subset of each of these organizations are Luciferians, and the rest are just regular folks who have no idea that they are in the same organization standing alongside evil people..." (101)

(left, WEF rentboy, Cmmunist Justin Trudeau and conservative/Zionist champion Alberta premier Danielle Smith exchange Masonic -thumb on knuckle-- handshake. All of our political leaders, incl. Trump, DeSantis, and even RFK Jr.  might be secret Satanists. Zionists and Communists are a tag team. )  

The (infiltrated part of) the Catholic Church, the Masons, and the Mormons are the big three institutions that are not what they seem to us non-Luciferians..." Some Catholic churches (but not all) and Masonic temples are used for satanic child sacrifice by night and regular services by day. The same applies to the Vatican. (102)

"One of the Illuminati's fronts is (the infiltrated part of) the Catholic church which the Jesuits manage for the Illuminati."  - Fritz Springmeier

Freemasons must sacrifice a child to move beyond the 33-degree stage. They also have to swear to support a fellow Mason even if he is a criminal. Many judges are Freemasons.  Fritz Springmeier asserts that "Mormonism is closer to Satanism than it is to Christianity." The Mennonites and Amish are also infiltrated. "Some Amish women sell their children to the Illuminati, especially when they are having twins."  

Imagine a house that is totally infested by termites and is about to collapse. This is Western society today.