Spread the doctrine among all



The teaching of Jesus Christ must reach all peoples, and many places that were once Christian need to be evangelized anew. The Church's mission is universal and is addressed to people of every condition: of different cultures and ways of being, of very different ages.... From the beginning of the Church, the faith has reached young and old, the wealthy and the slaves, the educated and the uneducated.... The Apostles and those who succeeded them maintained a firm unity in what was necessary, and the Church did not strive to standardize all those who converted. And the ways of evangelizing were also very different: some fulfilled a very important mission with their writings in defense of Christianity and its right to exist, others preached in the squares, and the majority carried out a discreet apostolate in their own families, with their neighbors and companions in their professions or hobbies. All the baptized had in common fraternal charity, unity in the doctrine they had received, the sacraments, obedience to the legitimate pastors....

In everyone we can sow the doctrine of Christ, separating with extreme delicacy the thorns that would make the seed unfruitful. We Christians, in the apostolic task entrusted to us by the Lord, "exclude no one, we do not exclude any soul from our love for Jesus Christ.


For this reason," St. Josemaría Escrivá advised, "you should cultivate a firm, loyal, sincere, that is, Christian friendship with all your professional companions, and even more so with all people, whatever their personal circumstances. The Christian is, by vocation, a man open to others, with the capacity to get along with people who are very different in culture, age or character.

Our relationship with Jesus in prayer leads us to have a large heart in which there is room for people both near and far, without narrow and short-sighted mentalities, which are not of Christ. Let us examine in prayer if we respect and love the diversity of ways of being that we encounter every day with those with whom we live, if we see as a richness of the Church the fact that they are really different from us in their tastes, ways of being or thinking.


Hablar con Dios