Thanks to Francis, I was able to marry Bishop Novell

Married Spanish Ex-Bishop Xavier Novell "is not so orthodox or conservative" as he seemed, his wife Silvia Caballol told

She is an author of pornographic literature. “It's one thing to preach and quite another to live it”, she explained.

According to her, Novell is not against homosexual sins and both have "many" homosexual and transvestite friends. Caballol believes that the Church has made "a lot of progress" [= regress] on these issues, "because now they give their [pseudo] blessing," Caballol says.

She does not deny that Novell himself attended sessions of a homosexual healing therapy. (May 18) adds that this rumor is widespread.

Interesting: Caballol claims and confirms, that only the "direct and express intervention" of Francis led to the wedding and that the required procedures (laization) were skipped.

Caballol adds that Novell is still “in limbo” because “he is still a bishop although he is no longer a bishop.” The “Church hierarchy” [= Francis] has forbidden Novell to explain himself and has threatened to punish him if he does.

Meanwhile, the Spanish bishops are erasing all traces of Xavier Novell from their websites, where he was previously mentioned as “bishop emeritus” of Solsona (2010-2021).