Transvestites "Must Be Accepted and Integrated” ---Francis

Sister Jeannine Gramick, a homosexual activist who belongs to the School Sisters of Notre Dame, wrote to Francis that the 8 April document "Dignitas Infinita" "harms" transvestites whom "I love".

Playing on emotions, she wrote to Francis of "my sadness" and "my disappointment".

Francis replied and Gramick published quotes from her correspondence with him on (1 May).

He writes: "Gender ideology is something other than homosexuals or transsexuals. Gender ideology makes everyone equal without respect for personal history. I understand the concern about this paragraph in Dignitas Infinita, but it does not refer to transgender people, but to gender ideology, which nullifies differences. Transgender people must be accepted and integrated into society". What Francis means by "gender ideology" is clear only to himself.

Francis recommended Robert Hugh Benson's novel 'The Lord of the World' to Gramick, which he says "depicts this movement to erase differences" - an interpretation that has nothing to do with the actual book.

Sister Gramick responded that "gender ideology" has a different meaning in the US and elsewhere in the world.