With faith we are omnipotent




The disciples, who had already performed some other miracles in the name of the Lord, tried to cure him but were unsuccessful. Jesus explained to them later, at home, what was lacking in them for them to have been able to perform the miracle. The father has a deficient faith; he has some, because he came in search of healing, but not the full faith, the unbounded trust that Jesus asked and asks for. And the Lord, as he always does, moves him to go a step further. At first this man turns to Christ with humility, but hesitantly: If you can do anything, help us, having compassion on us. And Jesus, "knowing the perplexities of that soul, anticipates him: If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes (Mk 9:22). Everything is possible: omnipotent! But with faith. The man feels his faith wavering, he fears that this lack of confidence will prevent his son from recovering his health. And he weeps. Let us not be ashamed of this weeping: it is the fruit of God's love, of contrite prayer, of humility. And the boy's father, bathed in tears, exclaimed: "O Lord, I believe: help thou mine unbelief (Mk 9:23). "2 What a great act of faith for us to repeat many times: Jesus, I believe, but make my faith stronger! Teach me to accompany it with works, to weep for my sins, to trust in your power and in your mercy!

Faith is a divine gift; only God can infuse it more and more into the soul. It is He who opens the heart of the believer to receive the supernatural light, and for this reason we must implore it;  But at the same time, internal dispositions of humility, of cleanliness, of openness..., of love that makes its way more and more surely are necessary.

If on some occasion our faith wavers in the face of the apostolate, difficulties..., or the faith of our friends, brothers and sisters, children... becomes insecure, let us imitate this good father. First of all, he asks for more faith, because this virtue is a gift. But, at the same time, to grow in it depends on ourselves. To open one's eyes," says St. John Chrysostom, "is God's doing; to listen attentively is one's own doing; it is at once a divine and a human work3. We must imitate this man in his humility: he has no merits of his own to present, so he turns to his mercy: help us, have mercy on us. This is the sure path that every petition must follow: turn to divine compassion and mercy. On our part, humility, cleanness of soul and openness of heart to the truth give us the capacity to receive those gifts that Jesus never denies. If the seed of grace did not prosper, it was only because it did not find the soil prepared. Lord, increase my faith, we ask in the intimacy of our prayer, never let my trust in you waver!

Hablar con Dios