Archbishop: we want deaconesses

The controversial Archbishop of Algiers, French-born Jean-Paul Vesco, 62, has again said that he wants invalidly ordained deaconesses (, 28 May).

He is relying on the strategy of the boiled frog: "What seemed inconceivable yesterday, such as the appointment of women to the highest positions in the Roman Curia, has become natural today. Likewise, what seems unimaginable today will become natural tomorrow". Even more unimaginable until yesterday was also the current decadence of the Roman Curia.

Jean-Paul Vesco believes that Francis' pontificate has "moved lines that were difficult to imagine being moved" when it comes to "the place of women" in the life of the Church. In the light of the Gospel, "the place of women in the Church" does not depend on workplaces in the Curia.

Regarding Francis' homosexual propaganda text 'Fiducia supplicans', Jean-Paul Vesco said it showed "the extreme difficulty of having a single audible word on all continents, given the diversity of societies and the Church's relations with each of these societies". The Church, however, does not relate to "societies" but to the perfect society formed by the Word of God, which is the same everywhere and will remain so for ever.

Vesco was Provincial of the Dominicans in France (2010-2012) and has been Archbishop of Algiers (Algeria) since 2021. He received Algerian nationality in 2023.

He also opposes evangelisation and conversion to the faith, which is positive because nobody needs converts to Vesco's "faith".