Burke: There Is no Such Thing as 'Non-Liturgical Blessings'


Cardinal Raymond Burke has rejected the idea of so-called "non-liturgical" blessings as claimed in Francis' homosexual manifesto 'Fiducia supplicans'.

Speaking to Father Ambrose Criste O.Praem. of St Michael's Abbey in Orange County, California, on 13 June, the Cardinal explained that blessings are linked to the sacraments. When a priest gives a blessing, it is intimately connected to the sacred liturgy: "It certainly cannot be said to be non-liturgical."

Furthermore, when someone brings an object to be blessed, it must be fit to receive a blessing and cannot be something that is alien to life in Christ.

"Otherwise we offend the Lord. We show a profound lack of respect and love for our Lord if we try in any way to ask a blessing for something that is sinful".