Message of Our Lady of Prado Nuevo, Spain

 Message of 4 March 2000, first Saturday of the month


The Virgin:  

My child, I am already here, as so many times, as the Mother of the afflicted, as the Mother of sinners. I only come to ask you, my children: I beseech you to remain in faith, in charity and not to faint, my children. May all these graces that you receive from this place, my daughters, know how to apply them to the salvation of your souls; to change your lives.
Pray, my children, pray, that the world lacks prayer and sacrifice. I ask you all, my children, to gather to pray and to change your lives and pray for the situation of the world, my children.
Pray for those helpless souls who have left my flock, that they may return; for my dear priests of my Heart, that they may be strong and not afraid of anything or anyone and speak clearly the truths of the Gospel; that the fruits and truths of the Gospel may bear fruit in their souls; pray that they may be strong, my children.

Do not be cowards, speak clearly to souls and let your voice reach the innermost parts of their hearts. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church, whom my Heart loves so much, asks you to do so. And as Mother of the Church I beseech you, my children, not to abandon yourselves, that you are not alone; I, as Mother of the Church, am with you all. But what my Heart asks is that you be with me, my children. The situation of the world is grave, although men are blind and do not see the consequence of sin in the disasters that exist in the world.

The Lord:  

I ask the laity to be good Christians, good practitioners; and my priests to be good shepherds and gather together all the flocks that are scattered everywhere. All of you who collaborate, my children, in this Work, I promise you a place in Heaven, my children. Be strong and courageous and good workers, My children, for there is much to work, many lost sheep that the wolf is lurking to devour; do not let the wolves devour them, My children. Pray, do penance and prayer, practice charity, my children, and remain in the faith.
All of you who come to this place, my children, I promise you that I will pour out graces upon you and upon your relatives, and upon your souls especially, my children. Secure yourselves the Kingdom of Heaven; it is only achieved by good works, my children. Keep my commandments, especially the new commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you”, my children. Love our Hearts, my children, because our Hearts are thirsty for souls: for faithful souls, for humble souls and for sacrificed souls.

The Virgin: 
Lift up all objects, my children; all will be blessed with special blessings for the conversion of poor sinners...
I bless you, my children, as the Father blesses you through the Son and with the Holy Spirit.