Satan wants My priests to abandon


My soul. I want you to write and address My priests, those priests whom I called and who I gave with so much love the gift of the priesthood. I want you to tell them all in general and each one in particular, that when I called them, I already knew that many, because of their weakness, would fall into sin again and again. But here I am, your Brother, and I speak to them so that they may know that I must be their strength and that as often as they fall into temptation, as often as they come to Me and present to Me their miseries and falls, because I love them all infinitely.

My mortal enemy wants to bring them down and discourage them in such a way that they ask for secularization because they feel unworthy to celebrate Mass and touch My Most Sacred Body, or because they feel bad when they absolve the sins of others and consider themselves more unworthy than those who confess, or because they suffer when they give advice in My name and they themselves do not know how to apply it to themselves. I, Jesus, speak to you.

My children priests, do not be discouraged if you have the means to avoid falling into temptation, but you still fall because you lack more hours of prayer and sacrifice more in the things of the body. You must fast more and pray assiduously. Prayer in the Tabernacle will save you from many, many falls and will make you easily overcome temptation, which makes you humble and you understand better the souls who fall again and again almost always into the same sin.

My children, beloved priests of My Divine Heart, My grace will never be lacking, but My grace must go hand in hand with your collaboration and your willingness to make amends and get out of sin. You must ask Me to free you from temptation and you must pray constantly so that you do not fall into it. I, Jesus, speak to you.

I know that you are miserable. I also know that you have the desire to mend your ways, but you have to put the means, all that is on your part, and where you do not reach, I will supply you with My grace and with My love. Go to Your Holy Mother who loves you so much, so much. Now comes her Immaculate Conception, welcome Her and beg Her to die rather than sin, and if you ask Her with faith and humility, She will help you. My children, if you come to Us in your falls you will see how We do not leave you, but be humble, do not be discouraged, try to accept yourselves as you are and when you have My Most Sacred Body, you who are sinners, consider yourselves unworthy of it and ask Me who am power and love to take you out of your filthiness. I, Jesus, speak to you.


Yo, Jesús, os hablo