A NY Parish Stages "Homosexual Eucharist" on Plastic Boxes


St Paul's Parish in New York City, known for its homosexual activism, held an outdoor Eucharist ("Pride Mass"), dedicated to homosexual propaganda, on 27 June, NcRegister.com reports.

A table made of plastic boxes was draped with a gay flag and a transvestite flag. Father Eric Andrews, who presided over the event, wore a stole in corresponding colours. Around 175 homosexual activists attended.

The event was held at the 'Stonewall National Monument', a park in Manhattan dedicated to alleged 'gay rights' and designated a national homosexual monument by the Obama Regime in 2016.

The parish had planned to hold a 'Pride Eucharist' there last year, but ended up changing the location due to alleged 'security' concerns.

Despite the repeated sacrilege, Joe Zwilling, spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York, claimed he was 'unaware of the Eucharist'.