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(...)When Francis approved “same-sex blessings” last year, it woke up many people to just how grave our situation is.   

That document betrayed everyone who has fought so hard for Catholic teaching on marriage and the family.  

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It was a betrayal of men and women striving to be chaste.  

It was a betrayal of parents trying to teach the truth to their children. 

It was a betrayal of priests who have always preached the truth despite tremendous pressure to do otherwise.  

But most of all, it was a betrayal of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Fiducia Supplicans has made the world a much more dangerous place for everyone.  

More dangerous for parents, trying to protect their children from scandal at school or in society. 

More dangerous for priests, who now have homosexual “couples” arriving on their doorsteps demanding to be “blessed.”

More dangerous for all those who are faithful to the truth about marriage and the family,who have been betrayed into the hands of liberal totalitarian states, which can now claim Francis among their supporters. 

With Amoris Laetitia and Fiducia Supplicans, Francis has declared war on the family.  

And now he is attempting to demolish the very foundations of the Church.  


LifeSiteNews has been at the forefront of honest coverage about what is happening in Rome. We neither downplay events nor exaggerate them. We simply tell the truth and pray for conversion.  

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On June 8, 2024, a new document, called “Bishop of Rome,” was released by the “Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity” and approved by Pope Francis himself. 

Research commissioned by LifeSiteNews shows that this document seeks to establish a new “synodal papacy,” which will place itself at the head of a new one-world ecumenical church without doctrine or discipline.  

Our exclusive, in-depth analysis of the document revealed that the first stage of the plan is to undermine the scriptural and theological foundations of the papacy. 

Catholic doctrine will be replaced with “a renewed understanding and exercise of the Petrine ministry” based on “synodality.”  

This is being done to fulfill Francis’s vision of a “synodal Church” and his “commitment” to “build a synodal Church at all levels.”  

To achieve this nefarious goal, they plan to distort Sacred Scripture and the Church Fathers and reinterpret previous teaching, including the infallible teaching of Vatican I, to bring Catholic doctrine into line with the views of the Orthodox and the Protestants. 

Once the authentically Catholic concept of the papacy has been distorted out of all recognition, the path will be open to establish the new “synodal papacy,” which will preside over the new inclusive ecumenical synodal church. All the baptized will be invited into this synodal church without having to abandon their doctrinal errors.   

The plan is staggering in its scale and wickedness. 

And we know from his past behavior what Francis is capable of.   


Over the past decade Francis has:  

  • Twice praised Emma Bonino, an Italian abortionist, whose center killed more than 10,000 babies, and who had herself photographed murdering babies with a bicycle pump  
  • Encouraged communists not to “back off” or “give up” 
  • Appointed pro-abortion members to the Pontifical Academy for Life 
  • Appointed population controllers to the Pontifical Academy for Science 
  • Repeatedly denied dozens of Catholic doctrines, including on Hell, capital punishment, and divine grace 
  • Persecuted Cardinals and Bishops who have remained faithful to Christ 
  • Mocked faithful Catholics 
  • Protected sex abusers.

And there is so much more.  

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The evil is so overwhelming that it could easily leave us bereft. It could lead us to despair.   

But we have hope. We have what matters. 

We have God.    

We know that He will never abandon His Church. The schemes of anyone who attacks the faith will come to naught. God will secure the triumph of His Church.   

But He wants us to do our part.  


LifeSiteNews will never stop fighting for Christ and His Church.  

We know that victory is coming soon, and we will not tire in waiting, for St. Peter said: 

One thing, beloved, you must keep in mind, that with the Lord a day counts as a thousand years, and a thousand years count as a day. The Lord is not being dilatory over his promise, as some think. (2 Pet 3:8-9)

While we await the coming deliverance from God, we seek to play our part and to serve the Church in this hour of agony.  

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At LifeSiteNews we strive to do this by:    

  • EXPOSING evil so that the works of darkness are brought into the light 
  • PROMOTING truth so that the teaching of Christ enlightens souls 
  • SUPPORTING bishops and priests, like Cardinals Burke, Zen, Müller, Brandmüller, Eijk and Sandoval, and all great clergy, even the canceled ones like Bishop Strickland 
  • ENCOURAGING prayer, which is the most important thing in the world.

But we can only do this with YOUR SUPPORT. 

If we don’t receive your individual donations, we can’t keep going.   

We need to raise the remaining 30% by the end of the week, or we will have to scale back our plans for the next quarter.  

Please know that we are deeply grateful for every gift we receive. We promise to put every dollar, every pound, and every euro to good use.   

With your donations we can:  

  • Report the news that the mainstream media is trying to hide 
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  • Spread the Gospel of Christ on all five continents 
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There is so much more work to be done.  

There are so many more hearts to be touched.  

There are so many more lives to be saved.


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