Open letter from undertaker John O’Looney



Dear Ms. Caney,   


I am writing to you after speaking for some time to a growing number of embalmer’s and funeral professionals as well as Major Tom Haviland in the US regarding his 2024 Worldwide Blood Clot Survey. 


With no real surprise on my part Karen, I am told by BIE members that you refused to send out this anonymous survey to your BIE members and frankly I can think of no reason why that doesn’t look very unfavourably on you personally as the truth comes out. 


I am also told you have actively threatened any BIE member from raising concerns with disciplinary action and I have indeed seen my name mentioned in your Bi monthly magazine. (how stupid frankly) 


I know its been raised in your BIE meetings by BIE members – I’ve spoken to them personally and that number grows alongside the excess death rate.   

Why do you do that Karen I wonder? 

Excess deaths are running at a record high here in the UK, young people especially are “dying suddenly” in record numbers and inside them I am finding a pathology I have never seen before - especially among the young, I place them into coffins. 


So many excess deaths that the ONS have even resorted to reformulating the way they count them to try and hide it. 

I have been finding unnatural white fibrous clots for some time now as have many others, a pathology I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen them only since mid 2021 a few months after the rollout of the covid jabs and I continue to find them regularly to this day – every one of these deceased has been covid vaccinated.  


I know, because the families tell me and they are clearly all now deceased and full of these clots. 

One of my best qualities Karen is honesty – you’ll love it.  

Karen let me be totally honest with you. my personal opinion of you is this - you can gas light, you can say you have “little spare time” to share this survey and deny seeing them during the course of your work. It doesn’t change what is coming. 

I’ve seen your rather desperate email responses and it is evidence now.

Because the reality is now that these clots are now the very worst kept secret in the funeral industry and as one funeral director said to me only this week, “they are all pulling their ladders up and they are scared” another tapped me on the shoulder and thanked me at the local crematorium today for telling the truth. 


They all openly talk about it now. 

But the reality is that as the truth emerges it will transpire that there are people actively engaging in hiding this truth and for example refusing to circulate this survey to BIE members for their professional opinion you potentially add yourself to their ranks. 

Nothing to hide nothing to fear surely? after all you didn’t roll these jabs out did you Karen. 

If there really is no substance to it then let your BIE members have their say anonymously so we can all see if there is a pattern there that others alongside the people included in this email are seeing. Be on the right side of history.


Thank fully now a growing number of funeral professionals which include a growing number of your own BIE members have reached out to me saying they are also finding this new pathology inside deceased regularly and that they are all vaccinated and they reach out to me in fear and desperation as you openly threaten them not to say a word. We have long email exchanges and the numbers in this group grows. 

What or rather why are you so concerned that you threaten and silence BIE members from raising concerns about a new pathology that is very clearly killing people? Surely you would agree that any decent person would encourage looking into it in order to potentially save lives, but not you it seems ?   


Now I have been a funeral director for 18 years and been present at thousands of embalmings, 7 years of which I worked also for the coroner, so I am well versed in what pathology is “normal” and what is not normal when navigating my way around a deceased – especially when it coincides with a huge unexplained excess death rate and a growing numbers of people very much more qualified their you or me are openly shouting about these clots as well, so I am well versed is my point.


People such as Prof Dolores Cahill Dr Tess Lawrie Dr Sucharit Bhakdhi Dr Mike Yeadon To name just a few. 

But what I am not at all used to at all is the poor conduct from people in office which in my personal opinion is gaslighting and actively seeking to hide “uncomfortable truths”– to my mind that isn’t normal behaviour, its sociopathic criminal behaviour.  

Pictured below is just one example of many dozens and dozens of abnormal white fibrous clots I have been finding in my own funeral home inside the arteries, hearts, and lungs of covid vaccinated deceased.   

All of the funeral and medical professionals in this email have seen it – you’re the only one who declares she hasn’t seen anything of concern, gas lights and disassociates herself from it and that worries me.  

I worry for you Karen.   


This was found by a BIE member who has 25 years under their belt and I have seen hundreds of other identical and abnormal pathologies appearing globally in deceased vaccine recipients.   

But you don’t see them ? Where are you looking ? Are you looking at all?   

Strange and different pathology identical to this is being found by embalmers in many countries and this anonymous survey aims to find out as much as possible with regard to these anomalies. 

Any decent person with a moral compass and who was not complicit in any sort of cover up would want the same thing – truth.   


Surely truth is what you want as well Karen ?   

Is it possible that these white clots are the cause of the excess deaths and, if so, what is the cause behind their formation, more worryingly why are you preventing BIE members from engaging with this survey knowing it might certainly uncover a terrible medical blunder or crime and save lives as they continue to roll out these mRNA poisons?

Surely it is part of the duty of care on funeral directors, embalmers and their relevant associations and simply decent human beings to explore any new evidence of death not seen before.      


This is the service to the 'living' that they must provide and has been the reason, in many cases, for the advance of medicine – you know this yet you deliberately gaslight and stifle it, and yes i’ve seen your correspondence to others doing exactly that – I have seen the emails, Karen.   

It’s evidence now.

I am amazed to know why you are not remotely interested in progressing our science further and being part of discovering why so many are dying suddenly by getting this wider survey completed.    


It is also potentially very damaging to you personally Karen because as the truth emerges, so do the actions of those involved in delaying the emergence of those truths – your actions included.   

Karen Caney’s actions.

You are supposedly a senior embalmer, a tutor, and fellow of the BIE, and yet you are the only one of us still NOT seeing these unnatural clots ?   


In honesty, this should concern everyone greatly about your professional ability, because clearly you're either not embalming at all, you're doing it with your eyes closed, or you're not doing your job at all – or you're lying.   

Which is it Karen, or are you perhaps under some sort of duress ?  Your in good company here and can be honest.     The reason I ask this because nothing you are saying makes any common sense Karen   For example “I’m too busy to send the survey out” and you say this as we see thousands of excess deaths and people full of white unnatural clots – so make the time Karen.


In these days of modern computing, the linked survey can be sent out to your members at the touch of a mouse button, as I have done in this correspondence to you and many other funeral professionals and people included in this email who ALL see through you – its effortless and if there is a pattern of serious health concern then surely we all need to know and it is in the public health interest.

You also send loads of emailed spam out to all your members – they tell me they get it from you constantly, so clearly it is effortless.   


The survey is also anonymous - a further reason for getting it done, so that those taking part can not be disciplined or harassed but can speak freely and anonymously.   

Surely you’d want that  - or would you ? 


In closing I will say this to you 

I am told by BIE members that you have said to them “I infuriate you” and Karen I consider this a real badge of honour, because whilst you can resign Karen (I know your stepping down) you will not escape responsibility for your actions, or inactions in office. There is no walking away from it, not ever. 

We will all eventually be judged for what we do, you included. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable as the masses begin to see through it, i’ll be honest, I take great pleasure in that. If you are feeling concerned as justice approaches those complicit in crime, again no one is happier about that then me Karen.  

Because if you had sat with me in front of these families and seen the agony and pain they go through as their kids, mums, dads and grandparents die, often in agony, full of these clots, clots you refuse to acknowledge or even ask embalmers if they are seeing, when ideally placed to do so then you would understand why I loathe people like you Karen. Because if you had helped raise these concerns that many fellow professional people voiced to you so they could be looked at then you could have potentially saved many thousands of people – and you still could.


But you still choose not to do so and that, in my personal opinion is the actions of a selfish cowardly criminal.  


Its been lovely emailing you, rest assured I will never ever do so again, I’ve said what I needed to say to convey my personal opinion of you to you and whilst you tell others how “you loathe me”, now you know the feeling is very mutual.

I can tell you with the certainty of the sun rising that I will be on the right side of history.


Regards and the very best wishes for the future   


John O’Looney