Satan has even modified the DNA of My Children



Carbonia 06-07-2024

My children, this My call is not a joke!

First locution on the hill: ...4:18 p.m.  

The Most Holy Trinity blesses you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

On this Hill, St. Michael the Archangel presides with his army.

My beloved children, flowers of My field, you, new shoots of life in Me, you will be holy and you will live in a world of wonders because I, God the Father, will embrace you to Me, I will carry you in Me, I will satiate you with Me: ...long days, long life, long joy for the Sons of God!

Turn away now from the things of the world, turn away for the good and carry forward My plan.

The hour beats bitterly on Earth, the politicians are causing a great tragedy, among the nations there will be a conflict that will lead the world to be a place of death.

Soon you will be called to My shelters, places that I have prepared for My children, for all those whom I Myself will call by name and lead through My angels to these dwellings.  They will be converted Sons, Sons who will embrace the Holy Gospel, will worship God and will never again depart from Him because they will enter into Him.

My blessed creatures, oh you who have given your yes to your God Love, to your God Creator, you will be rewarded with so much joy, you will have a new Earth and you will have a new family, you will have to live eternally in love and joy in God; you will have eternal happiness in Love.

My children, forge yourselves a new heart, a pure heart, propose holiness to yourselves, choose to be saints, close your eyes to the world, to Satan's seductions.

Blood is already flowing in the streets of this world, soon the earth will be a pool of blood! The nations will fight each other, it will be an unbearable war, never before! In their madness men are preparing for nuclear (action), but, it will not be the end for the Earth, for God will intervene before the Planet is completely destroyed.

Go forward with conviction in My plan, listen to My Word, My suggestions, respect My commandments.

I am at your side, My children, although you do not see Me, you do not notice My presence among you, but soon you will see Me and you will know My greatness.

Go with strength, I bless you In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2nd locution - 16h40

A great roar, then a great silence, ... and then, cries of despair will be heard everywhere on Earth.

Many will come to Me on their knees, they will ask for My help, they will beg for My mercy.

My children, how much longer must I call you to conversion of heart?

Why do you wait until you experience tragedy to cry out My Name... to ask for My help? Recognize Me now that you are in time, I want your conversion now, not later!

Love me now, do not wait to look for me in misfortune! My children, you are too distracted by the things of the world, you continue to plan your vacations, your trips, you want to know new lands, new seas, new mountains, and you do not realize that everything moves in evil:

Seas churn, mountains crash, rivers overflow, volcanoes break open and lava flows into cities: soon a volcano will overwhelm a city and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. .... Where do you want to go, my children? Where do you want to go?

Time is running out, my children !!!! Time is running out!!! Suddenly all will be unleashed!

Beloved children, call me Father, ...convert! Turn to the One who created you, let there be in you a sincere and pure heart, give Him all of yourselves.

Beloved children, do not plan your future on Earth, your future is only in Me, the Absolute Good, do not let yourselves be dazzled by the false lights of Satan, ... everything is false, My children, you do not realize where you are going.

Satan wants to destroy this Planet and Humanity, he has given the battle to God, he wants to destroy all that belongs to God, all that God loves, especially His Creature.

My children, I announce to you that the time is over, that now this world as you know it will end! The history of this old world is coming to an end: of sin, of terror!

Satan has twisted things on this Earth! He has even modified the DNA of My Children (Covid Vaccines): ...poor Satan, what will become of you, you who did not want to accept that I was the only true God, you who wanted to take My place!  Now I will show you, as you know well, My power. I will cast you into the bowels of the earth, I will put you in chains! ... Never again, never again will I allow you to use My children against Me, your story ends here! ... I will let you meditate in your hell between pain and gnashing of teeth.

I will take back for Me all My children, those you have stolen from Me, not a single one will I leave you, you will be alone with yours, you will remain in Hell struggling with your misery.

My children, this call of Mine is not a joke! God is calling His Children to conversion, man must open his eyes and his heart to his God Love, he must return to his Creator, he must leave the world now, he must accept God's call for his salvation!  He will lose nothing, indeed, he will gain much more in the new earth.

Oh, men!  All that you have on earth will return to dust, nothing will remain in your hands, nothing! Turn to Me so that you do not lose the most precious thing: your life!

I call you to salvation, save yourselves my children, let your God save you.

Now the Earth will tremble, it will collapse, it will come to a sudden stop and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, let Me catch you before this happens.

The Most Holy Trinity.