Diary Of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

  1. 288  (127) +Once when I was having a long talk with Jesus about our student, encouraged by His kindness, I asked Him, “Do You have among our students any who are a comfort to Your Heart?” The Lord answered [that] he has, but their love is weak, and so I put them in your special care – pray for them.

    O great God, I admire Your goodness! You are the Lord of heavenly hosts, and yet You stoop so low to Your miserable creatures. Oh, how ardently I desire to love You with every beat of my heart! The whole extent of the earth is not enough for me, heaven is too small, and boundless space is nothing; You alone are enough for me, Eternal God! You alone can fill the depths of my soul.

  2. 289  My happiest moments are when I am alone with my Lord. During these moments I experience the greatness of God and my own misery.
    Once, Jesus said to me, Do not be surprised that you are sometimes unjustly accused. I Myself first drank this cup of underserved suffering for love of you.

  3. 290  Once, when I was deeply moved by the thought of eternity and its mysteries, my soul became fearful; and when I pondered about these a little longer, I started to be troubled by various doubts. Then Jesus said to me, My child, do not be afraid of the house of your Father. Leave these vain inquiries to the wise of this world. I want to see you always as a little child. Ask your confessor about everything with simplicity, and I will answer you through his lips.

  4. 291  On a certain occasion, I saw a person about to commit a mortal sin. I asked the Lord to send me the greatest torments so that that soul could be saved. (128) Then I suddenly felt the terrible pain of a crown of thorns on my head. It lasted for quite a long time, but that person remained in the Lord‟s grace. O my Jesus, how very easy it is to become holy; all that is needed is a bit of good will. If Jesus sees this little bit of good will in the soul, He hurries to give Himself to the soul, and nothing can stop Him, neither shortcomings nor falls – absolutely nothing. Jesus is anxious to help that soul, and if it is faithful to this grace from God, it can very soon attain the highest holiness possible for a creature here on earth. God is very generous and does not deny His grace to anyone. Indeed He gives more than what we ask of Him. Faithfulness to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit – that is the shortest route.

  5. 292  +When a soul loves God sincerely, it ought not fear anything in the spiritual life. Let is subject itself to the action of grace, and let it not impose any restraints on itself in communing with the Lord.
  6. 293  +When Jesus ravished me by His beauty and drew me to Himself, I then saw what in my soul was displeasing to Him and made up my mind to remove it, cost what it may; and aided by the grace of god I did remove it at once. This magnanimity pleased the Lord, and from that moment God started granting me higher graces. In my interior life I never reason; I do not analyze the ways in which God‟s Spirit leads me. It is enough for me to know that I am loved and that I love. Pure love enables me to know God and understand many mysteries. My confessor is an oracle for me. His word is sacred to me – I am speaking about the spiritual director [Father Sopocko].