Come and sit with Me before the Eucharist

August 21, 2003 Jesus

Today I wish to direct attention, once again, to the hectic pace of this modern world. Children, come and sit with Me in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. I am in every tabernacle throughout the world. Think of one now, and picture Me there. Do I have a television? A radio? Of course not. Yet I am truly there. “What does He do?” you might ask. I tell you, My child, I am not bored. I think about you. I worry if you are far away. I suffer if you have chosen worldly paths and you are endangering your soul. I am sad each day if there is no hope of a visit from you. I ask My Father to have mercy on you.

 I direct My angels to watch over you in the hope that someday you will return to Me. My child, how often during your day do you think of Me? You are thinking of Me now, as you read these words. So while your mind is resting upon Me, let Me tell you that I love you. I want only your happiness. I can help you in everything. I can solve your problems and heal your wounds. My child, come and sit before the Eucharist in any tabernacle. My graces and blessings will flow out to you. I want you to sit and soak in the silence. 
You may close your eyes there and I will fill your precious head with a stream of heavenly thoughts. I have so much to share with you. I have seen every injury you have experienced. I longed to comfort you. Let Me comfort you now.

Again I entreat you to eliminate as much noise from your life as possible. Noise is not conducive to holiness and while you might have to tolerate noise in the world, you can diminish noise in your home and in your car. In silence comes peace, little ones. You will find Me in silence. I am waiting for you and I have never once turned My gaze away from you. You must know that I forgive you for everything. I want only your love.

Souls find this concept difficult because your modern world has scoffed so often at selfless love that souls are suspicious. ‘Why does Jesus love me? I am not very lovable,’ they think. Indeed, many souls in this world do not like even themselves. So they find it hard to imagine that anyone, particularly the God of All, could desire their well-being and love them com- pletely. I tell you, dear child, that the truth cannot be denied. I am the Truth. And I love you beyond anything you can imagine. My only wish is to bring you back to Me, where I might protect you. Do not be afraid. 

You will not be punished for your misdeeds. Come back to Me now and I will pardon your sins. (mortal sins through confession)  We will proceed together as though these sins had never been committed. Sins leave a certain residue on a soul. Come to Me now, My beloved child, and with a heavenly breath, I will blow away the residue of sin so your soul proceeds in joy and newness.* I am your God. I love you. That will never change. par- ticipate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.