Benedict XVI will make his debut as Pope of the new Church,

Carbonia October 10, 2020

Lift up your hearts to the Most High.

Behold, all is accomplished, time is about to stop, I will call my children by name and I will raise them to Me and in Me they will find their rightful dimension, they will be happy forever.

The air you breathe is poisoned, the water is polluted, the cursed children of Satan throw their infectious germs into the air, they spit their poison on this Humanity which has not yet opened its eyes to the situation on Earth.

Sheep without a shepherd abandon themselves to the first one who comes along, the one who will now chain them.

The lights of this world are about to be extinguished by the true Light, by the One who created everything out of love, love, infinite love.

Divine justice is at the gates of this world, this Humanity will be truly put in a condition of punishment if it does not repent before the day the Lord has marked.

Behave with dignity, do not let yourselves be subdued by the devil, keep my holy Gospel in you and pray the holy Rosary.

Mary is with you on Earth, soon she will manifest herself as a woman clothed with the sun, she will spread her mantle and consecrate humanity to herself, it will be a very special moment because man will still be given the possibility to choose.

Mary, Mother of Jesus and your Mother, will try to welcome you all into her interior, she will lay you on her breast and bless you in the holy name of her Son Jesus.

The catastrophe is approaching, ... Heaven is waiting for some positions, then Hell will break out on Earth.

Benedict XVI will make his debut as Pope of the new Church, and he will manifest himself with his power in the holy name of the Lord, and he will have at his side the one who will take the reins of the Church, as he did at the beginning, when Jesus gave him the keys of the Church.

With Benedict XVI, you will go forth to declare the Era of Peace. With Mary Most Holy, you will go out to evangelize the rest of the people, those who have turned against God.

Prepare your new tunic, with Mary you will be great, at her side you will debut as children of Love and you will be victorious in the mission in Christ Love, against Lucifer.

Lift up your heads and wait for the cry of God the Father who will announce to you the Warning, .... His justice!

My beloved children, you who seek me and follow me with true love, truly I tell you: you are about to be transformed into the image and likeness of your loving God.

Later, the storm will suddenly burst and only the children of God will have the opportunity to overcome it, while those who have rejected their Creator to follow the Deceiver will succumb.

You have reached the end of the race, your Heavenly Mother is coming now to take you by the hand and lead you with Her to the true mission, the one that will triumph in Me.

Turn away from the false lights, God is coming now to put an end to the deception and will make everything flourish again in Him.

Grace and mercy to you, God blesses you, loves you and awaits you as brave soldiers at Mary's side in the final battle against Satan.

Meditate, all of you, meditate... this word of mine is for all, turn quickly to the Truth and remain in the Truth.

God is love. Amen 

Colle del Buon Pastore