Man forsakes God to precipitate himself in the abyss of fire!

Carbonia 12ter.08.2022 -

Man has turned his back on his creator God to plunge into the fiery abyss!

The hour beats with bitterness, My people march without knowing what is going to happen, ...a little more and the cross will be painful for this Humanity deprived of Me.

Trust in your God, oh men, separate yourselves from the world, renounce sin. I am your Father, oh men, why do you turn away from Me, what evil have I done to you that you should not be Mine?

Behold, everything will suddenly collapse, it will be a total disorder, ... poor Humanity!

God, from the height of His Heaven, sees in man a total confusion.

Satan has taken possession of the bodies, he manages their minds, he diverts their steps from Me: ... what a disaster!

This Humanity has been taken over by the adversary, the foolishness is in man who has turned his back on his Creator God to plunge into the abyss of fire.

I grieve for you, oh men, but without your consent I cannot help you.

All ends here! A new temple will arise, the Holy Spirit will hover in it, all will be in love and faithfulness.

God continues to call his people to repentance. 

Your return to the Father is urgent, oh men!

Renounce Satan, my children, return to Me, so that I, your Creator God, may help you to save yourselves.

May the peace and love of God descend upon his beloved people.

Come, my children, raise the banner of your freedom, God will be with you. Amen.