No other false religion than my Church has a Mother!


Messages of Our Lord Jesus Christ to His favorite sons.

"I have in much the warmth of a mother, and for that reason I made the Church a Mother, and for that reason, in Her, I gave all Christians Mary also for a mother, so that they might have a bosom to warm them, a lap to sustain them. And that is why I had a Mother on earth, and that is why I died at her side and made her Mother, in St. John, of the whole world. But when I turned to her and said: "Behold your son," I was leaving in her Heart - after the priestly vocation had been in him - all my priests, represented by St. John.

That was my intention, even in the very spasms of my agony. How could I forget what I loved so much? How could I not think of leaving to my priests - after leaving Myself in them - what I loved most, what they should love most, the most tender and delicate and pure and holy Heart on earth, Mary, to be their consolation, their support, their warmth, their Mother, the very channel through which all graces would come to them?

Impossible to leave them orphans! And that was for me a great consolation in the midst of the atrocious torments I suffered on the cross. I left my priests protected; I left them a Mediatrix between heaven and earth; I left them in Her the purity they had to drink, the whiteness with which they had to whiten themselves, the Heart that loved Me most and that would see in them not others, not men alone, but Me in them, God man in them, His Son Himself, reproduced in them, Me in them.

And that is why my Church has warmth; because she is Mother and because she has Mary as Mother. That is why she has a Mediatrix and in her a pure soul who pleads, rejoices, consoles and sweetens the sacrifices and Calvaries of the priests; who always helps them, who sustains them in their weaknesses, who cares for their happiness, who heals them, who lifts them up, caresses them and takes them to heaven.

After Me, Mary must be everything for the priest. She is the one who prepares priestly souls to receive the priceless grace of transformation, which continually takes place at the altar; She takes care of the holy seed that the Holy Spirit puts in the heart of the priest; She cultivates in those souls the Lily of the eternal Valleys, and nourishes and makes Jesus grow and develop in the souls of the priests, and takes care of them, and watches over them, and defends them, and is careful that they do not harm their Treasure. And She communicates purity to the priest and envelops Jesus in the perfumed atmosphere of Her candid love.

And thus, forming the features of Jesus, one by one, in the hearts of the priests who lend themselves to it, she helps the Holy Spirit with her maternal care to the perfect transformation into Me.

Oh, how indispensable Mary is for the transformation of priests into Me!  And She more than anyone else wants priests to attain this grace; and since She knows that the mystical incarnation is the most efficacious grace for transforming priests into Me, She takes an active and impetratory part in making every priest another Jesus. It is clear that Mary cannot make the real Incarnation of the Divine Word in Her womb - which She alone had - take place in priests - it would be heresy to think so - but the reflection of that same Incarnation, mystically reproduced in the pure soul of the priest, is a faithful but very distant transcript of the real Incarnation, which transforms the priest into Me.

But that is also why Mary is the martyr of the priest, the Mother of sorrow, when she sees, feels and feels in her breast the daggers of the sins of the priests. She strives to reproduce the features of Jesus, the physiognomy of Jesus, the interior of Jesus above all, drawing Him, portraying Him in each priest. And how many times the most muddy stains come to erase that blessed image that She with so much care, love and reverence put there.

And not mud, as on many occasions happens, but the dirt and dust of the world and of the passions that come to cloud that profile of Jesus, that blessed image, I repeat, in which not only She, but the heavenly Father Himself would be pleased to look at.

Oh, if these reflections, no less real for being mystical, were made by priests, how differently they would behave and with what docility, constancy and commitment they would allow themselves to be made by Mary, first portraying Me and then arriving at the perfect and consummate transformation of each priest into Me!

When this is accomplished, Mary finishes her work and rejoices in it by seeing her Divine Son reproduced, by contemplating Jesus, which is what every priest must be. And that has been, in the eternal mind of the Trinity, the ideal that it forged in forming its Church: to continue the reproduction of the Head of that Church, of its Head, first in the Pope, then in each priest, so that all may be one in Me, in the unity of the Trinity.

That is why Mary has such an important role in the Church, the role of mother, because she communicates to each priest the eternal germ of the Father who is in the Word, and who through the Holy Spirit becomes fruitful in each priestly soul, to form in her Jesus the Host, Jesus the Victim, Jesus the Savior, Jesus the Priest.

Mary is not an inactive Mother, she is not just an image to be honored; she is a Mother, an active and tireless Mother; if she had the distinguished privilege of Coredemptrix, she also has the privilege of Savior, helping the Holy Spirit in his action, continually rendering her services to souls, but especially to those of priests.

I could very well have said to Magdalene: "Behold your Mother"; but I turned to St. John, because he represented my priests, as an Apostle. And furthermore, as a virgin, as pure, as my ideal for future priests; all clean, all faithful, all at my side in sufferings, in mockery, in death; all loving, all with Mary!

And St. John protected Mary and from her the Church drank my life: the memories of my childhood, of my adolescence, of the thirty years that I was everything for Mary and Joseph.

She nursed my Apostles and my nascent Church with her confidences; Mary revealed to them the secrets of my Heart, the ideals of my soul, and affirmed them in faith, hope and love. In her Heart the first martyrs drank divine strength and She has always been the defender, the liberator of my Church, and through Her countless souls have been converted. Whenever the Church needs help, she has recourse to Mary, and she has always been the savior and liberator, and she has triumphed over Satan and protected the Holy Church with her shadow.

That is why priests more than anyone else are most obliged to that blessed Mother who has done so much for them and who carries them in the apple of her eye.

In how many ages, Mary - even visibly - has come to earth to defend the Church and to save souls through her!

Mary in heaven is not inactive, she does not neglect the earth, the souls, and even less the souls that are her favorites in a more intimate way: the souls of priests. She is daily at their side at the solemn hour of the sacrifice of the altar and She also, with Me and in My union, longs that this blessed hour be perpetuated - for the transformation of the priests - that it be continuous so that I may always see Myself in them.

What a joy for the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman religion to have a Mother, and My own Mother for Mother! No other false religion that is not My only and true Church has a mother!

That is why they are so cold, so empty, because they lack the loving warmth that only a mother can give.

And shall I say it? That is why I love so much the grace of the mystical incarnation, because I feel in souls the reflection of that warmth, of that security, of that firmness and tenderness, that sacrifice and self-forgetfulness and fidelity that only mothers can have.  And that is why I want to develop this grace in the hearts of priests, to assure their fidelity, their heroism and to feel in them something of the fertile fibers of the love of my Father, whose Paternity they have received from Him.

With this grace, I want to infuse them - transformed into Me - with My love for My Father, My Father's love for Me, which brings with it the fruitfulness for this grace to germinate in their priestly souls, to lead them with these feelings, through the Holy Spirit, to form unity in the Trinity by this double love: from the Father to Me, from Me to the Father, bound consummated, through the Holy Spirit, in the unity of the Trinity.

And it is not wrong for Me to want to complete this double love in the Holy Spirit with the maternal love of the mystical incarnations; because precisely this love that produces the mystical incarnation is not strange, nor is it a different love, but the very love of the Father in its fecundation in Mary, whose reflection is in the mystical incarnation.

My mysteries are intertwined; but they all come to an end, to be concretized, to be simplified, to be united, in the unity of the Trinity.  And Mary is the creature closest and most united to that most holy, divine and indissoluble Trinity, Trinity in the Persons, which are distinct, but unity in substance and essence".