Criminal complaint against mRNA vaccine -Switzerland

The notoriously detail-oriented Swiss are ridiculing their medical establishment in a big way for authorizing and administering Covid-19 mRNA sera, in a formal criminal complaint. "This is what the criminal complaint against Swissmedic is all about" (SRF, 14.11.2022): 

It is about the following: on July 14, 2022, a lawyer filed a 300-page criminal complaint with the competent cantonal prosecutor's office on behalf of six persons allegedly victimized by adverse reactions from mRNA vaccines. It is directed against three representatives of the Swiss authority for the authorization and supervision of medicinal products and medical devices (Swissmedic) and five vaccine doctors from the Inselspital Bern. A criminal investigation will be opened against them. 

These are the plaintiffs: The lawyer for those affected, Philipp Kruse, is openly opposed to vaccination and the Covid measures. He represented people who refused to wear masks or parents who did not want their children to participate in the tests. Other skeptical physicians also appeared at the press conference. This is what the indictment says: the defendants are charged with violating the due diligence of the Basic Medicines Act by allowing and administering the Covid 19 vaccine. 

There are a number of other charges listed, including intentional bodily harm or possibly negligence, endangering life, murder and abortion. These are the alleged damages: according to attorney Kruse, the damages range from hair loss, disappearance of the menstrual cycle, polyarthritis, muscle weakness and chronic exhaustion to the death of a 20-year-old. Some of the six victims mentioned are still unable to work. Experts confirmed the connection with Covid 19 vaccination in five cases. In the case of the deceased, the causal link must be proven on the basis of pathological examinations. However, these investigations have not yet been completed. What Swissmedic says: Nothing. Swissmedic does not wish to comment on the ongoing legal proceedings. 

The Federal Office of Public Health and the Federal Vaccination Commission also do not wish to comment. What may go unnoticed in other countries, in terms of lack of responsibility for adverse reactions to the Covid-19 serum, is unlikely to pass muster in Switzerland. The Swiss pride themselves on being OBJECTIVE, diligent, rigorous and fair. Because of these high public expectations, it is impossible to sweep under the rug or completely ignore the laws: These are the articles of the Medicines Act Art. 3 Duty of care 1 Every person handling medicines must, based on the current state of science and technology, take all necessary measures to ensure that the health of humans and animals is not endangered. 

Chapter 8: Penal provisions Art. 86233 Offences Any person who intentionally: a. manufactures, markets, uses, prescribes medicinal products without the necessary authorization, contrary to the terms and conditions associated with an authorization or contrary to the duty of care set forth in articles 3, 7, 21, 22, 26 , 29 and 42, imports, exports or exchanges with foreign countries; (...)

Please also note that Swissmedic is the key channel for global vaccination programs in collaboration with the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation and WHO, and also with the FDA .

Good luck in court!