My Hand will stop the slaughter!

Carbonia 06.11.2022 - 

Wake up, O man! The end of all things that do not belong to me!

History repeats itself beloved daughter, ...behold the ordeal of my people is coming to an end.

Here I am for you, my people, here I am for you. 

Rise quickly from the mire that already envelops you!

Live again while you still can!

Wake up, O man! The end of all that does not belong to me is in sight!

The Earth is about to convulse!

Man is in his madness!

The challenge is on!

My Hand will stop the slaughter! I, God, Creator and Lord of all things intervene for your deliverance, O man, consent to my intervention by kneeling before me and acknowledging me as the one true God! Abandon the misery that governs you; decide to return to the One who is your Creator: your only good!

Let history end, my children, be your awakening in me.

Know in truth, oh man, that I have created you for Me and I will never give My Good to Satan; if you do not awaken in this time of My Mercy, you will enter the vortex of the great tribulation, then you will understand that it is indeed I who can give you true happiness in My Immensity of Perfect Love.

Do not condemn yourself to the chains of Satan. Your choice until today has been perverse; you have consented, in your free will, to the devil's deceptions. But, today I reveal to you the state of your soul, O man;

Do not be in mortal sin!

Repent so that you do not end up in hell.

I still give you the opportunity to live in Me again;

Acknowledge Me as your God Love

and renounce Satan.

My hand is about to strike down the fools; do not be among those who do not want to wake up because, convinced by the Devil, they believe they have the victory in their hands.

Wake up, man! wake up my son! you still have the opportunity to repent and make amends for your past, ...come back to Me, do not be afraid of Satan because, if you choose Me, he will no longer have power over you because I God will prevent him.

I want to save my children, I ardently desire the return of my children forever!!!!!