Francis Admits “Crisis Of Faith”

In El Pastor, a second book-interview published by Francesca Ambrogetti and Sergio Rubin, Pope Francis once again admits that he has had [and still has?] crisis of faith.

For him, "a faith that does not put us in crisis is a faith in crisis.” Beyond this senseless play on words, in Christianity doubt is a sin.

With regard to homosexuality, Francis indulges in victimism and laments that they had “suffered” for being “rejected by the Church,”

“I want them to know that it is not the 'rejection of the Church', but of 'people of the Church',” he pontificates. On the contrary, Saint Paul says in the Letter to the Romans that the fall into homosexuality implies a rejection by God.

Then, Francis declares that he has never belonged to the Peronist party in Argentina, not even as a sympathiser [because Peronism appealed to the poor sectors of society].

Francis claimes that his "intention" to visit Argentina was still there, while everyone knows that it will never happen. “It's unfair to say that I don't want to go,” he protests. But if he had wanted to, he would have gone a long time ago.

"I feel young," he says, referring to his age, "I can't say how old, but I feel young.”

Finally, Francis admits that as Pope he sometimes does "novel things" calling them “creative” while they simply follow the playbook of those in power.