Francis insinuates BXVI supported `Homosex-Marriages´

On his February 5 return flight from Juba, South Sudan, Francis accused critics of exploiting Benedict XVI’s death but didn't mention Archbishop Gänswein by name.

“Benedict's death has been instrumentalised by people who want to add grist to their mill. Those who exploit such a good man, so close to God… these people are unethical, they are people of a political party, not of the Church,” he ranted.

Then, Francis took himself advantage of Benedict by insisting that rumours about Benedict's dissatisfaction with some of his decisions [such as forbidding Mass] were “false." When he consulted with Benedict, he claimed, Benedict always agreed.

Benedict was someone with whom “I could talk about anything” and easily exchange opinions, “He was always [sic!] by my side" and "if there were some difficulties, he told me, and we talked. There were no problems.”

Francis mentioned "a person who thinks he is a great theologian" who through a friend of Benedict's went to him and made a complaint because of Francis' immoral support of homosex pseudo-marriage.

According to Francis, Benedict called four top theological cardinals and said, "Explain this to me and they explained it." Triumphantly, Francis added, "That's how the story ended" and "this is an anecdote to see how Benedict moved when there was a complaint.”

In reality, Cardinal Ratzinger published a 2003 document strongly condemning homosex pseudo-marriage and "Catholic" politicians who voted for it.

Homosexualist Bergoglio again complained about the fact that homosexual acts are outlawed in many African countries using the false argument that “it is an injustice to criminalise people with a homosexual tendency.” However, these laws don't deal with "tendencies," but with offences.

Francis' next trip will take him to Lisbon, to “Marseilles, not to France” [probably because the colloquial language in Marseilles is Arabic], Mongolia and India.