Suddenly the sphere of "Redemption" will arrive

Carbonia 09.05.2020

The abomination is ready! The Calvary of this Humanity is already descending. Suddenly the sphere of "Redemption" will arrive.

The great catastrophe is imminent, O men, choose salvation, close the gates of Hell.

My children, show yourselves stronger now, for the battle will continue, and those who have not remained in Me will not be saved.

Ice cubes will fall from the sky, and the fog will ravage the whole earth.

The abomination is prepared, the Calvary of this Humanity is already descending.

Suddenly, the star of "Redemption" will descend from the sky like a thunderbolt to strike the Earth. Fire and flames, inhuman screams will come, but My people, faithful to Me, will be safe with Me.

I cry out to you, oh ungrateful people, I cry out to you, oh My beloved people: repent now because there is no more time, My cry will be heard throughout the Universe and those who have not given Me glory will be buried in ashes.

Many lands will burn, others will disappear from the face of the Earth. The lakes will dry up and the seas will boil, the volcanoes will erupt in unison.....

Oh my children, why have you come to this point?

Why have you not heeded my calls for salvation?

Why have you mocked my Mother and my prophets?

They brought the Truth to the world, but you remained deaf to My calls, so now you will reap what you have sown.

How much pain there is in Me, how much pain in Mary, My Mother! All of Heaven weeps for your wickedness, for this death sentence of yours, chosen in your total freedom.

The word "FATIMA" will be read in Heaven!

The hour of divine Justice will enter with power, no man will be able to save himself if he has not kept himself in Me.

The whole Earth will tremble, the roar of thunder will roar until you die, your hearts will be broken, ... You will suddenly understand that all was in Me, that all that was foretold to you by the prophets was in Me but, in your unbelief and indifference, you have "still" denied God made Man! You have been dragged to Hell, oh men, it will no longer be possible to save you.

Mary Most Holy opens her mantle to guard her people, to save them from the coming scourge that is about to strike the Earth!

Have pity on yourselves, oh men. I God ask you again for your urgent conversion.

The plague will spread its greatest scourge after the great warning, when the Earth will lack everything, justly everything, to this Humanity destined to die by its own choice. 

Miserum est!